Considered before purchasing gun safe

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Considered before purchasing gun safe

Postby Daniel44114 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 4:06 am

The size. you should take consideration about size. The small size is suitable for the user who just own the pistol and have to frequently take with it on the travel. On the contrary large gun safe is used to storage the long gun at home. In the common, you had better choose the more bigger model than you thought.

The lock bolts. the lock bolts is the door of the product. It is also usually the most weak part of it. A lot of theif pry it out to take away the gun inside gun safe by hand tool. So you should choose high-quality lock bolt. The larger one is your better choice.

The thickness of mental.The thickness of mental means how safe the products is it. The good guage is your best choice. You can adjust the number of the guage if you have the limited budget and The theif will not attackyour security safe..The number of the guage usually range from 7 to 12. The lower number means the higher quality.
Back up lock.The back up lock is that the hard plates back up the lock. The theif has the diffculty in drilling the lock. So if possible, you should choose the item with the back up lock.

Fire resistant. Some model has the fire resistant feature. As the name has mentioned. It is designed for resisting the unexpected fire. If necessay, you need to choose the item that can resist the 12000F for at least an hour.

Anti-pry tabs.It add the extra strength to the products. Today ,the most gun safe has the feature. While it is also necessary to check out before purchasing.
Place of the hinges.The feature make it more safe. Because it prevent the hings from cutting down by the hand tool.

Head expanding doors seal .The feature will make the product expand serveral times larger than the original one when it face the fire destroy. So it can prevent itself from exploding, then the important document and firearms will be protected in the serious situation.

Source: Best Gun Safe Door Organizer – Additional Space For Your Safe
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