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What are the Push Factors for Learning Chinese? What are the Push Factors for Learning Chinese? May 21 Layvin Kurzawa Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , 2013 | Author: Christina Snyder | Posted in Education
Why learn Chinese? Or you might ask, what benefits can speaking Chinese bring for me?

Well, according to wikipedia, Mandarin (Chinese) at 935 millions native speakers, is the widest spoken language in the world, only not-so-closely followed by Spanish, at 387 millions. The former accounts for about 14% of the world population as of 2007 Kevin Trapp Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , and absolute figures have grown to an astounding 1.1 billion in 2010. It is still growing rapidly today.

China’s presence on the world is being felt more and more so over the passing years. Perhaps the time has come whereby we must realize that if we want to continue to conduct business ventures and international co-operations with the Chinese people, in the future we might have to learn the Chinese language not only to communicate with the Chinese, but also to understand their culture and how they think as a people. Knowledge of the language will prove immensely beneficial in terms of forging stronger bonds and gaining a better footing in negotiations.

Learning the Chinese language also makes traveling to Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other places more exciting as Chinese is spoken and understood in these countries. You will be able to soak in and be immersed with the traveling experience whole heartedly if you can speak and understand the language.

Adapting to a foreign country is not easy for students, especially when they have to juggle their school work and at the same time get their life overseas in order. Being able to speak Chinese in a Chinese speaking country would solve that problem as it would soon win you many foreign friends as well as Chinese friends. Depending on how confident and proficient you are with the language Julian Draxler Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , you can even take on jobs that require you to speak Chinese and handle customers. See how speaking Chinese works out your problems when living and studying overseas?

We would however, like to point out that we can and should learn Chinese because in reality it is really not as hard as people make it out to be. Chinese language have less to memorize in a few aspects when compared to English:

Chinese has no subject-verb agreement

Chinese has no plural, tenses or conjugation

There are no inflections such as “ing” or “ed” in Chinese

“Why learn Chinese” is no longer a question, but rather it’s now a matter of “How should I learn Chinese”. And with a good Chinese learning program, a good dictionary and a good supportive forum, most would gain mastery in a short time.

If you liked the article you have read above, do feel free to visit our blog for more related articles and guides. You can learn more tips and techniques with our free report to start learning Chinese faster and with more fun.

General Information On GMAT Tutoring General Information On GMAT Tutoring February 6 Jese Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , 2015 | Author: Christa Jarvis | Posted in Education

The career path one chooses might require they complete certain standardized tests or extend their education. Graduate Management Admission Test, commonly referred to as GMAT, is a computer adaptive test that many must take. This is designed to assess writing, verbal, quantitative, analytical and reading skills of people. This is often used for those interested in joining graduate management programs. To get the best results, people may participate in GMAT tutoring to be as prepared as possible.

Typically this test is used at business schools Jean-Kevin Augustin Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , particularly for those interested in a graduate program. It was first issued in the early 1950s. People are permitted to take it multiple times during the year, and this can be done at many centers around the world. Many tools can be useful when it comes to preparing for this exam, including study guides, websites, books, prep classes and tutors.

Overall, GMAT is meant to analyze the analytical writing and problem-solving skills a person has. It also touches on logic Jean-Christophe Bahebeck Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , critical reason, data sufficiency and similar traits that are important when it comes to business and management in the real world. Business schools often use this exam as part of criteria of admission into various educational programs.

This exam includes four sections: integrated reasoning, analytical writing, verbal and quantitative. This is expected to take three and half hours to complete, although four hours is the recommended time for the test. There are breaks during the process. As this is an important test, people should make sure they are as prepared as possible. Many people dedicate months to studying so they produce good scores.

Tutors are often well-informed about the test and what it is comprised of. They can help a person identify their high and low points. This is beneficial when it comes to tailoring a study plan. The test results will range by person and many other factors.

Still, tutors can provide clients with a variety of study tools and support during the process. Some might be overwhelmed by the process and find that having someone to consult with on the details of the test and beyond is beneficial. The cost to hire these individuals will range Javier Pastore Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , but people can seek them out through many resources. Consider price, as well as rating and reviews when choosing a professional tutor.

Numerous test preparation companies are available and provide GMAT courses. Likewise, these companies might have tutors available on staff. This kind of help may be provided in person or through digital means, such as online classes or tutoring. Students should determine what services they need and fit best with their style of learning.

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