Bcl-2 in benign prostatic hyperplasia

Bcl-2 in benign prostatic hyperplasia

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To investigate the relationship between interleukin-8 levels in expressed Prostatitis Treatment secretion and expressions of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and Bcl-2 in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

A series of 50 consecutive patients diagnosed with BPH and scheduled for transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) were included. Patients were divided into two groups, simple BPH and BPH with chronic prostatitis (CP). The grade of inflammatory changes in the prostate was then determined blindly by two experienced pathologists, according to the classification system. CPPS Expressed prostatic secretion (EPS) was collected right before TURP for IL-8 detection using ELISA kits. The resected prostatic tissue was harvested for immunohistochemistry to measure the expression of Bcl-2 and bFGF.

A total of 30 (60%) patients were confirmed to have prostatic histologic inflammation. The volume of the prostate in BPH with CP was obviously larger than that in simple BPH (P=0. 022). The NIH chronic prostatitis symptom index (NIH-CPSI) and international prostate symptom score (IPSS) of BPH with CP were both higher than those of simple BPH (P<0. 05). Significantly increased levels of IL-8 were observed in EPS obtained from BPH patients with CP (mean level, 43. 29 ng/L), compared with patients with simple BPH (mean level, 36. 90 ng/L) (P=0. 003). The expression of Bcl-2 in BPH with CP (mean level, 6. 17) increased significantly, compared with those in simple BPH (mean level, 2. 45) (P=0. 013). The expression of bFGF in BPH with Chronic Prostatitis (mean level, 7. 57) also obviously elevated, compared with those in simple BPH (mean level, 5. 05) (P=0. 008). Correlation coefficients of IL-8 levels in EPS and expression of Bcl-2 or bFGF indicated that IL-8 had strong correlation with Bcl-2 and bFGF respectively both in simple BPH and BPH with CP (0<R<1, P<0. 05).

IL-8, Bcl-2 and bFGF are significantly up-regulated in BPH with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome patients, compared with simple BPH patients. Inflammation might play an important role in the outcome and development of Prostatitis and makes it more severe.
Prostatitis Symptoms :

Blood in the semen
Blood in the Urine
Burning While Urinating
Difficulty Urinating
Pain While Urinating
Frequent Urination
Painful ejaculation
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