Please update MOG to latest opensim...

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Please update MOG to latest opensim...

Postby DutchLord » Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:37 am

Hello, i have a question, would it be possible to update the MOG grid to the latest opensim?
a lot of changes have been made so to make MOG grid more compatible with opensim its important
to update for stability...

also see here ... 1-release/ (OSGRID)
for using "throttle" (and other settings) a way to make inbound and outbound traffic faster.

changes were made by Mic Bowman from "Intel Labs", an expert safe to say... :ugeek:

thank you
David Dutchlord
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Re: Please update MOG to latest opensim...

Postby Myopengrid » Fri Apr 15, 2011 9:32 pm

Hi David, we are looking forward to an update soon also

from Dan (intel):

The virtual worlds team at Intel has been investigating network performance in OpenSim. We recently made changes to prioritization and queuing of scene updates, adaptive client throttles and packet resend timers. Our validation so far has used mostly synthetic workloads but the results indicate greatly improved network performance, especially for high latency and low bandwidth clients.

We are conducting a networking test in ScienceSim next Tuesday and invite OpenSim users from all geographic locations to join us. We will be running our distributed scene graph (dsg) with a high client/avatar count and logging queues, throttles, and bandwidth characteristics of connected clients.

When: Tuesday, April 19. 9AM PDT (UTC-7).

Where: Login to 'welcome0419' region on ScienceSim and teleport to a test region from there.

IRC: #perftest

We'll plan on running for an hour but something will probably break sooner. If you come by, please tell us about your experience on IRC or via email. I'm interested in which viewer you are using and how you are connected to the Internet.

ScienceSim account creation:
Hypergrid probably works but we have not tested it with the dsg regions. I recommend making an account if possible.

Hope you can make it. Thanks,

Dan Lake
Intel Labs
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