program gross area

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program gross area

Postby Qizhenbi » Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:11 pm

flying Long Dongcun, 100 rivers to join a department, program gross area 2354.47 mus, complete relevant plot mapping and work of initial program design basically already now,biggest lumber dealer in houston plan cent period to build; First phase builds plot to be located in ministry of garden area northwest, jing Na comes highway of white river village is left criterion,

involve Jing Na to press down land of part of village of village of Home Wu level ground, flying Long Dongcun, Bai He, program gross area 505.51 mus, valid usable floor area wood plastic railing Recruit agents 347.98 mus (among them: Main road covers an area of garden area 43.73 mus, industrial land area 304.25 mus) , flat is occupied about 20% , 5-15 spends gentle slope ground to be occupied about 60% , 15-25 spends sloping field to be occupied about 20% .

Subsequently, controller of partial processing factory is concerned remove matters concerned and Party committee government undertake in all business, everybody removes find a composite marine deck flooring place for the problem such as the price using the land of garden area, find a place foringly dot, relevant formalities undertook quizing, undertook replying with respect to the query about personnel attending the meeting. outside wpc deck
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